Cross Stitch Setback

I had a minor setback with my current, and rather large, cross-stitch project. While working on it the other day, I realized that I had done a patch of it in the wrong location, though I couldn’t figure out how I had gotten my count off. I guess this is what comes with working on one’s first large project!

I ripped out a bunch of the stitches, but got pretty bothered by the whole thing, so I’ve let it sit for a few days. I think I might be ready to pick it up again and fix things later today though, since I’ve cooled off a bit from the initial discovery.

I should definitely get going on this project, especially if I want to have it finished for mid to late October, when I would be giving it as a gift. I just wonder if later on, while I’m working more, I might discover some greater mistake, and just want to rip the whole thing to shreds! I hope not.

I will try to post some photos of this project at some point, though I don’t want to ruin the surprise to the recipients!