Pasted Clippings

I tried one of the ideas in a Japanese craft book yesterday, of “recycling” magazines by pasting clipped images together to make a large sheet of paper. Here’s my first try, using bird-watching and gardening pictures from magazines I got at the local library magazine bin:

Pasted Paper Sheet - Birds & Flowers
I tried to use an adhesive runner at first, but eventually resorted to a gluestick and a liquid adhesive pen, since those can cover greater areas more easily. I also realized that I should clear my desk off entirely before starting something like this, since it takes up a lot of room.

I like the overall result, and will probably make envelopes out of this first sheet. I’m going another one sometime, and have stored a few additional clippings in a pizza box I had sitting around, from when I ordered scrapbook paper that they shipped it in.

I wanted to work on my next sheet, or some other crafty project, today, but I’m just not in a very creative mood right now. It started this morning when I visited a local Goodwill, to see if I could find any old books with images worth clipping. I found a few children’s encyclopedias that had potential, and one even had my first name written inside the front cover, which was amusing. But I got so bored by it all, and left without buying anything. The same thing happened at a nearby crafter’s mall, where I made a point of looking at their sample cards for ideas. It didn’t help, so I just went home.

I even tried poking around sites like Craftster and get crafty to look for ideas to get me going, but nothing really jumped out at me. I cut out some magazine pictures and made a few envelopes instead, since that’s pretty mindless, but even that didn’t seem appealing. I guess it’s just one of those days, but maybe I’ll try again later.