Catching Up

I’ve been furiously working on my major cross-stitch project lately, thus the lack of posts here. I screwed up an even larger section of it, accidentally doing it all two “squares” over, but I’ve ripped all that out and redone it. I’m not sure if I’ll get it done in time to send it as a gift, especially since I’ll have to get it framed, but we’ll see. I’ll try to post a photo of it soon.

I started a calligraphy class last week, though the first meeting didn’t go so well. I arrived a bit late, due to parking problems, and by the time I caught up, I still felt very behind. A good percentage of the other students have been practicing calligraphy for awhile, whereas I only dabbled with it when I was younger. There are 7 sessions left though, and since they’re already paid for, I figure I should at least give it another try. I bought the additional supplies I needed, and even found some pink ink to play with. :)

I’ve also been trying to get involved in more crafty events, including the local craft group I found through Craftster. At our last meeting, we even talked about meeting more frequently, and will be gathering at a local restaurant for a “cake and crafts” evening. If you’re in the South SF Bay/San Jose area, please check out our new email list for info.

There’s also a rubber stamp show going on in downtown San Jose this weekend, and I’ve already bought a day pass for that. I’ve gone to a few of the previous ones organized by this company, and the businesses that set up booths there usually have some nice stuff for sale. I don’t usually buy rubber stamps themselves, but the papers, especially origami ones, are great and there are usually demos of various products to check out. More info on this show here.