I went to the rubber stamp show in San Jose this morning, as planned, and it was pretty good. It seemed like they had fewer vendors there than in previous years, but there were still enough to check out.

What’s funny is that I didn’t buy a single rubber stamp, aside from some mini pre-inked hanko-style stamps from Japan. There were a lot of nice ones, especially the new acrylic-style stamps, but nothing that I just had to have. Instead, I bought stickers, origami papers, blank postcards, a glue pen that looks like a normal gel pen, and some neat shiny glaze that you put over regular gel pen writing to create a raised effect. Definitely enough new stuff to play with.

I was also very pleased to find a larger number of envelope templates available, at least from a company called Draggin’ Ink. They had the basic “square-velopes” that they started with, but there were also templates for making bags, boxes, expandable envelopes, and other cool stuff. I didn’t feel enthused enough to buy any of them, but maybe another time. Judikins had a few for sale as well, but I think I already had them all. ;)

Here are a few stamp-related links to leave you with:

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