Back In Time…..

The other day, I decided to pull out my old art portfolios from college, hidden under the bed and still in the box they were shipped out here from Illinois in. I scanned and photographed a few pieces that I felt were ok enough to share:

Spring, Seasons series - Design 1 Summer, Seasons series - Design 1 Fall, Seasons series - Design 1 Winter, Seasons series - Winter - Design 1

This series was done for a design class I took at a community college near where I grew up. The intent of the project was for us to learn how to mix acrylic paint to get the colors we wanted. The pieces are a lot sloppier than I remember them being, but they were the inspiration for the postcards I made earlier this year:

Painted Squares Postcard Painted Square Heart Postcard

These came out a lot better, and I’d like to try playing around with this theme again sometime. It’s fairly easy to do and it’s a lot of fun to blend all the paints just so, in order to get those gorgeous streaks.

Leaves on Gray - Drawing 2 Leaves & Feather on Blue - Drawing 2

I thought these were perfect for this time of year, and both were done for a drawing class at UIUC, though I don’t remember much else about them. The one on the left was doen in chalk pastels, whereas the one on the left was done in oil pastels.

Still Life Collage - Drawing 1 (with flash) Still Life Collage - Drawing 1 (with flash)

Finally, these are two shots of a collage piece I created for a drawing class at the same community college, one with flash and the other without so that you can see the full piece and still get the effect of it. This was a still life, done by tearing bits of magazine pages and adhering them to a background with gel medium, which was also used to create the lovely varnished effect over all of it. I remember really having a good time with this, especially for how it felt to tear all the bits of paper up, and then for the effect of using these fragments to create a larger image. It got a bit messy with all the gel medium, but it was fun to work on.

It was weird looking through all of these and the rest of the pieces (mostly hideous) in my portfolio, mainly because it feels like I worked on them an eternity ago (8 years now), but also because I never did pursue a degree in an art or design field. Not that these pieces were all for naught, of course, because I did enjoy working on a lot of them, even if they didn’t turn out as well as I wanted them to.

I think that’s enough time down memory lane for now though… :)