The week before last, I bought all these readymade greeting cards for Halloween, but soon after I found some really great Halloween-themed stickers at the craft store, that just looked perfect for making my own cards. I bought some of the stickers too, and will probably have extra cards sitting around, but ah well. :)

Here are a few I made today:

Pumpkin Card 1 Pumpkin Card 2 Pumpkin Card 3

They’re all pretty simple, but I like a clean design without too much clutter. The third one feels like it has something missing, but I’m not sure what I can add at this point to fix it. Maybe if I had put the squares up a bit higher, then I could tie on a ribbon or stamp a greeting below, but they’re already fixed down.

I have a few more design ideas that I want to try, and definitely more stickers to try them out with, so I’ll post again if/when I work on more.