Abstract Art Idea

I haven’t been watching many how-to decorating or craft shows lately, but I did catch part of an episode of “reDesign” on HGTV last night. The room turned out fairly well, but one of the projects caught my attention and sounded like a cool thing to try.

The project was to make some inexpensive wall art for the room, by using something personal to the homeowner. They started with some of her personal photographs and by using a piece of cardboard with a square cut into it as a viewfinder, chose particularly interesting details of the photos. They color-copied these image details, enlarging them by 800% to get a somewhat abstract image as the result.

Anyway, it sounded like a really cool way to make some cheap art for yourself, and I could see it being applied to other projects as well. You can find the details and photos of the project at the HGTV web site:

How-To: Using Photos for Abstract Art