Holiday Crafting

This year, I had such grand intentions to make all sorts of holiday ornaments out of felt and whatever else. Unfortunately, I didn’t quite get into the spirit of things, so I only made two for a swap with my favorite local craft group. Here are a few photos:

Green Tinsel Pin Cushion Ornament Pink Sakura (Cherry Blossom) Ornament & Templates
The first one looks more like a wonton than anything, but I got to use some funky felt that had metallic strands of tinsel embedded in it. I’ve been meaning to try this out ever since I saw it in the fall issue of Martha Stewart Kids, and it was really pretty easy to make.

As for the other one, I started with a shape from a paper punch I have, and then enlarged it on the computer until it was a decent size for an ornament. I made a template from that and then the rest was pretty simple. Just a bit of cutting, stitching (blanket stitches and French knots with tails), and stuffing. I wanted to make a whole bunch of them, just sort of lost the motivation for that. Ah well, perhaps later. :)

I swapped with Amytha and here are the very cool ornaments she made:

Holiday Ornaments from Amytha
Although my ornament plans didn’t quite go anywhere, I did have a sudden interest in making cards a few days ago, though well after I’d already written up and sent most of mine. Here are the results:

Holiday Card 1 - Ornaments Holiday Card 2 - Presents Holiday Card 3 - SquaresHoliday Card 4 - Circles Holiday Card 5 - Tree Holiday Card 6 - Snowman

Most of the bits I used were from a kit I bought awhile ago at Joann’s, with some additional stickers mixed in. Nothing too overly splashy, but I like the simple sort of cards best. :)