Snowy Sets

After having made piles and piles of envelopes from scratch, I’ve been trying to think of other ways to use them, including turning them into gifts and items to sell. One of the results of this has been sets of miniature envelopes, with flat cards inside. Here are a few sets I made within the last few weeks:

Snowflake Envelope & Card Set 1 - Wrapped Snowflake Envelope & Card Set 1 Snowflake Envelope & Card Set 2 - Wrapped Snowflake Envelope & Card Set 2
The envelopes themselves are fairly easy to make, given the right tools, and I do enjoy working with my hands to make everything. However, I think I enjoy the design-oriented bits best, including choosing the papers at the beginning and packaging everything up at the end. It’s just a lot of fun for me, to coordinate the different papers with each other and with the right color of cards and seals, or to wrap it all up with a bit of matching ribbon or rick-rack and place everything inside a perfectly sized glassine envelope.

As much as I try to shake some of my designer tendencies to focus more on the process than the end result, I just can’t help myself. I may think of myself as a crafter, but I’m a design at heart too.