Map Origami Envelopes

Although envelopes can be made out of pretty much any kind of paper, I’ve tended to stick with scrapbook paper for the most part, mainly because it’s so readily available and comes in plenty of lovely patterns. However, I’m all for trying out alternate materials, and was inspired to look for more after I received various handmade envelopes made from materials like maps and job applications (thanks to jetgirl for sharing that one, as her latest Mile High Club mailing).

While browsing a local library book sale this past weekend, I came across some used map books in good condition and thought that the pages looked perfect for envelope material. The pages were slightly glossy and not too thick, and at 50 cents a book, this gave me a good bit of material to work with. Here’s a photo of the first envelopes I’ve made from these pages, starting with the maps of South America:

Envelopes - Maps of S. America
There are still plenty of pages to work with, but I think it would be great to find additional maps, but of the area I live in or areas where I often send mail. The latter seems so thoughtful to me, for the sender to make a map out of the place that the recipient lives. At least I thought so when I received such an envelope from a Kawaii Society member a few months ago. ;)

Another favorite “alternative” material for envelopes is origami paper. I used to actually fold things out of this lovely paper when I was younger, but now it’s perfect for petite envelopes, especially when there are stickers or another small treat inside. I’ve started up on an origami paper kick again, and here are some that I made today:

Envelopes - Spring Origami Paper Envelopes - Origami, Various Martha Envelopes - Origami, Various Square
Aren’t they just wonderful? I especially like the look of the Baronial style envelope (the rectangular one) with this paper, though the square one is easier to cut due to the templates I use.

That’s all for now, but I’ll try to post again as I continue experimenting with other materials.