Craft Show Follow Up

Although I didn’t find anyone to go with me, I attended the Heirloom Rubber Stamp Show in San Mateo this morning. I was thinking of skipping this weekend’s craft shows entirely, until I saw that Hanko Designs would be at this one. They have some really beautiful origami papers and Japanese stickers, but only sell through mail order, online, and at shows like this, so I figured this might make the entry fee and parking worthwhile.

I discovered Hanko Designs at a craft show a few years ago, and was really impressed by their items. They have all sorts of washi papers, chiyogami, and other origami-style papers, as well as high-quality cards/cardstock and a few rubber stamps. Plus, they sell Japanese stickers at the shows, and I am definitely a sucker for those. There was a bit of a crowd at their booth, but I managed to get a good look around, leaving with about $50 worth of stickers and paper, the latter being perfect for making envelopes.

Other than that, the rest of the show wasn’t anything particularly new. There was a booth from A Muse Stamps, run by women I recognized from Cranberry Hill Mercantile, where one of the Stamp On Over locations is housed. They had some nice displays of the Screen Prints papers from Hambly Studios, which I recently found out were designed by Allison Kreft, who I’d seen at a craft show in October and who emailed me about my post about it. :) I was surprised to see these papers, since they don’t sell them at the store in Sunnyvale, but they’re really quite lovely, made from various shades of pearlized paper (one of my new favorite papers) and with designs like bamboo and butterflies printed on them. I haven’t yet tried making envelopes from them, but it looks like they’ve made the paper a bit thinner, so that should work out well.

There was also a really neat booth for Studios Blackbird, that was full of papers, mini envelopes, and all sorts of bits and baubles that are popular with the altered book crowd. There were definitely a lot of people at that table, and it’s no wonder, since they had so many neat items there. I didn’t look around for long due to the crowd, but hopefully they’ll have their web site up soon.

And that was about it for me, mainly because there wasn’t much else there and because the event hall was so cold! I’m definitely going to check out the Scrapbook Expo in Santa Clara next weekend, and that should be promising. Hopefully there will be plenty of papers to look at, as I don’t have much need for all the other stuff that scrapbookers go for. ;)