Chiyogami Monday

While trying to find info about origami paper, I stumbled upon a lovely project called Chiyogami Monday. Every week, the members of this little collective create a digital image that is inspired by chiyogami, a type of Japanese paper that is printed using woodblock designs. Here are a few of the images they’ve created so far:

Chiyogami Monday - Hana 2   Chiyogami Monday - berenice_kaki   Chiyogami Monday - Swirls&Blossoms   Chiyogami Monday - apples
The patterns all repeat seamlessly, so you can print up sheets of them to use for paper projects, as one of the members demonstrates.

It’s really cool to find a project like this, and I’d love to participate at some point. I think I’ll have to work on my digital graphics skills a bit though, before I feel comfortable submitting something.