Colorful Crafting

Although I’ve been following various craft blogs for awhile, I haven’t really participated in any of the lovely projects and swaps I’d read about on some of them. Personal swaps seem especially nice, but I was also drawn to a few of the organized projects floating around there, mainly created as incentive to keep crafters crafting. I felt like I could use a little push to keep up my crafting momentum, and here are a few I’ve joined so far:

I found Color-iffic Swap-O-Rama by clicking around the Flickr accounts of a few crafty folks, and the photos of past swaps looked really great. Every month, a theme color (or two) is chosen, and everyone participating creates a package of crafty or other items of that color. What goes into the package is pretty much open to the sender, with only a few guidelines given. I’ve started working on a package for April’s purple and green swap, and I hope to post photos soon.

Just this morning, I came across Project Spectrum, which has a similar theme of a color or colors, but without requiring any swapping. The colors are provided as an inspiration, regardless of what craft you like, so the results can be made from paper, fabric, fibers, or whatever else, just so they’re done in that month’s colors. No pressure though, so you can make a lot or a little. There’s also a postcard swap related to it, and I’ve decided to join in on that too.

These two will probably be plenty to get me going, though I’m also thinking about joining the Use What You Have project. Members promise not to purchase any new craft supplies during the month of April, and will only make items from their existing stash. I’ve been trying to do more of this for awhile now, but it’s a lot harder than it sounds. This group sounds like it would provide some pressure and incentive to stick with it, but I still worry that I’d cave eventually. ;)