My First Rubber Stamp

I think I’m on a bit of a rubber stamp kick now, due to pulling some of mine out for the wrapped postcards I made. I went to a local stamp store this morning, but after leaving emptyhanded, I remembered the Japanese stamp books I’d found some time ago. I’ve really been interested in the stamps that other crafters have made and posted about online, so I thought I’d finally dig in and try my hand at one.

My First Handmade Stamp!
I found the image in a Japanese craft book, and it looked like it would be easier than the ones that were only outlines. I remembered reading that slicing through a Mastercarve block is like cutting through butter, and that was definitely true! The only tricky part was all the center flower bits, but I think it turned out ok.

I’m curious to know what types of blades other crafters use on their stamps, especially for some of the tiny parts. I only used a regular X-Acto blade this time, having recalled some bad experiences with other ones (gouging your hand with a C-shaped blade while carving wood is not fun). I think I’ll read up a bit more and try something else for the next one I try.

So, yeah, that wasn’t so bad, and I wish I’d played around with these sooner! :D

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