Bad Craft Day In Progress

I am really not feeling the crafty thing this week, and today has been the worst so far. It feels like everything I touch today, at least craft-wise, is bound to turn out wrong.

Like I mentioned the other day, I have a few swaps and a birthday gift to get out by July, and I’ve been collecting items for them all. I just need to finish the handmade items, so yesterday I cut out and pressed a bunch of fabric to make several tote bags and zippered pouches for them all. I had some trouble getting the sizing right, but it eventually got done.

Cut and Pressed Fabric - WIPCut and Pressed Fabric - WIP

This morning, I had the sudden realization that I should really get a few things mailed out today, due to the long weekend. As soon as I got dressed, I started sewing away, starting with a tote bag for my sister’s birthday. I should have been good to go, what with everything ready from yesterday, but it went so poorly. I ended up with crooked seams, holes where there shouldn’t have been, and slight imperfections everything that were so glaring to me. I almost ripped it all apart at that point, but I just left it and walked away. Eventually, it was fixed for the most part by folding the top over like a cuff and sewing over that.

Music Tote Bag
I took a break and worked on a few other things, but I decided to scale back a bit on my swaps. One handsewn item per swap is probably good enough, and the recipients will understand if they’re not immaculately done. They’re not meant to be as good as store-bought, especially since I’m not very experienced with sewing yet, and besides, the results aren’t that horrible.

Turquoise Flowers Zippered PouchTurquoise Flowers Zippered Pouch - Lining

Turquoise Swap

That said, I think I might take a break from the rest of the sewing for now. I have the whole weekend to work on everything and with how poorly things have gone so far, I don’t want to ruin the rest of the day for myself. It’s beautiful outside and I want to enjoy this great weather before it gets too hot again. I’ll leave you with some more “work in progress” and finished project images. :)

Zippered Pouch - WIPCut and Pressed Fabric - WIP

Turquoise Seam-Ripping - WIP

Birthday Card for my sister