Envelope Feature

Just a quick post to brag a little… ;)

About two weeks ago, I decided to create a page (they call them “lenses”) on Squidoo.com, which is a site that provides a way for people to share a topic by providing links, text, pictures, and other related info. I’d found the site through Lisa Vollrath, a paper artist/crafter who created a few lenses on paper crafting/art techniques, and when I saw there wasn’t one about making envelopes, I thought I’d make one. I’ll admit that the content is pretty much the same as the pages hosted here on Being Crafty, but the format is different and reaches additional viewers.

Anyway, I was amazed when my lens ranking jumped up to 51 since I first posted it, and even better, I found out that it was featured as today’s Lens of the Day! Here’s the great write-up from the email announcing today’s feature:

I never cease to be amazed by the passion craftsters have for their work, let alone the obscure projects they choose to take up.

Exhibit A: Valerie Franek’s lens on making your own envelopes.


If you’ve ever seen Apple’s packaging, or Oddica’s, then you know how strong an impression packaging can make. The abundance of D.I.Y envelope resources on Valerie’s lens is awesome, and means we can all impress the heck out of anyone we’re corresponding with. She’s also included links to supplies, some truly great books, easy templates, and everything else you need to make something stunning and show someone how much you really care.

Be sure to check out the Flickr Envelope Group’s pictures toward the bottom of her lens (see, there’s a whole group of them!), and the project ideas section; they’re great.

Thank God for passionate people like Valerie!

I was already pretty pleased when I saw referrals coming in from the ReadyMade blog because of my envelope content, and I’ve even received a few emails about envelopes recently. This just makes it even better though, and I’m not only glad that they liked the page I put together enough to feature it, but hope that it will get more people making their own envelopes. :D