Back To Basics

When in doubt, return to what you know.

I’ve not had much luck with the various projects I was trying to start, so I’ve set them aside and focused on making envelopes in the meantime. The process is so ingrained in my brain, that I don’t have to think about much more than what paper to use and what size or style of envelope to make.

There’s a soothing quality to it as well, especially when I work on small batches at a time, like I tend to. Pick a few sheets of paper, cut out and make the envelopes, and then repeat until I feel like doing something else. My envelope stash is definitely growing again.

While working on a few more batches last night though, I was thinking about ways to make them more interesting. I usually just have piles of envelopes and fill them with whatever I want, but I thought about making cards that correspond with the envelopes somehow. My first try was in using scraps of the paper that actually made the envelope, and adhering those to white flat cards.

Blue Squares Envelope & Cards - WIP
I’m still trying to decide which version I like the best. I like the “thumb tab” look, though it’s not as clean-looking as the lovely striped versions. Oh, and the sad-looking card in the upper right of the photo was a failed attempt at arranging a few squares and rectangles into the corner. I couldn’t quite get the look I wanted, so I might have to work on that arrangement before I give up on it. I also plan on trying out different colors of cardstock for the actual card.

I think I’ll try making up some sets of these card and envelope combinations, and perhaps list some on my Etsy store. We’ll see though. I’m just glad to have something crafty to work on to break up all the job search intensity I’m in the middle of. Things aren’t going so badly in that area (my portfolio is pretty much done and I have at least one interview scheduled so far!), but I definitely recognize my need for some time away from the serious stuff.