Birthday Cards

I’m still taking it easy with craft things, especially since I’m gearing up to start a new job in about a week’s time. But I have been doing a few little things here and there.

Last week, two of my friends celebrated birthdays, so I made a square collage postcard for one and a set of wrapped postcards for the other.

Brown & Blue Squares PostcardMonkey Wrapped Postcards Set
Monkey Wrapped Postcards Set - Packaged

I liked playing with the combination of brown and blue color combination, after having tried it out for a swap last month.

However, I think the monkey cards were a much bigger hit, though the recipient had requested that we all not bring gifts to her party. I figured this might be an ok exception though, since it was a small gift and a handmade one at that. Besides, she likes monkeys and it seems like that monkey stamp is everyone’s favorite (it’s made by Rubber Soul, for what it’s worth). :)