To the craft swappers out there:
If you’re going to be moving, don’t sign up for new swaps, or at least leave a forwarding address or give people the new address. Otherwise, your package is just going to be returned to the sender weeks later, they’ll be out the postage, and they’ll have to deal with shipping it to you again! Not cool.

To the craft bloggers out there:
If you’re going to post about an awesome craft store that you discovered, especially with photos of it and the lovely items they sell, don’t keep the location a secret. You will not only be teasing your local readers in a way that is not amusing, but you will also not be supporting that local business by keeping potential new customers from visiting them.

To the craft store employees/owners out there:
If a customer tells you they are preparing for a craft fair, don’t laugh at them because they mention it’s “only” two weeks away. You have no idea how much they’ve already done or how long it will take them to make more stuff. Also, you will potentially sour their experience at your store and make them not want to come back there.

That is all.