Same Old Same Old

My crafting hasn’t really progressed much since my last post. I’ve been wanting to work on something, but then I can’t think of something that I really want to work on. At most I’ve made a few envelopes, but that’s not quite as creative as other things.

Envelopes are always something to fall back on when I can’t come up with something else to work on. I don’t go overboard with them, so it’s just about picking the right papers and template, and then cutting and assembling each one. It’s nice to at least have a straightforward process that doesn’t require much thinking for each item.

I’ve mostly been making tiny envelopes lately, for my eBay sales (I include loose stickers inside a handmade envelope, as an extra gift), as well as a few that I’ve listed on my Etsy store. We’ll see how the latter go, especially with how little promotion I do for my store. ;)

Until I’m swept up into a new project, I’ve also been reorganizing my craft room a bit. I have way too much stuff in there, so I’ve been sorting through just about everything and purging as much as I can. I think it started with the realization that I’m really drawn to crafting with paper, moreso than with fabric or yarn or whatever else. So I started picking out fabrics and yarns and other non-papery things that I figured I probably wouldn’t use. The next step was weeding out the paper crafting items I wasn’t as into anymore.

Parts of my craft room look a bit better for now, like my bookcase and under my desk, but now I’ve made a bigger mess with all the extras to get rid of. I’m hoping to bring some to the next South Bay Craft Group meeting, but there’s way too much to do in one pass.

So, as I’ve done before, I’d like to offer the extras to anyone reading this. If you want a Priority Mail flat rate box full of as much scrapbook paper as I can fit, let me know. I have enough paper to ship several of those, and I can also do one with yarn and maybe another with miscellaneous stuff. I only ask that you pay for the postage to ship it to you (about $9). :)