All Is Quiet On The Crafting Front

Sadly, there’s still not much crafting going on around these parts. At most, I’ve occasionally making up batches of little envelopes for my eBay auctions, and looking through the occasional craft magazine, but I haven’t been feeling much motivation to actually come up with a new project.

I’m ok with it, for the most part, though I’m aware that this blog is collecting quite a bit of dust in the process. I’ve had some occasional “pokes” for more posts, though in more indirect ways than that sounds. I get the occasional “tag” with some topic to post about, but it’s usually on personal stuff, like weird things about myself. I’ve never really wanted to post that sort of thing here, though I’m sorry to disappoint them.

I guess I’m more drawn to doing things in person now, whether it’s talking about myself (oh, the weirdness) or crafting (if I ever do that). Which is why I end up crafting only when I go to craft group meetings or am invited to a craft day at a friend’s apartment. I was actually talking to someone at work about arranging a crafting night for a few colleagues, though I still need to find out if anyone would mind us using a conference room for that.

Speaking of craft meetings, the September meeting of the South Bay Craft Group is coming up next Wednesday, and we’re going to make lip balm, as taught by one of our regular members. I remember wanting to try that at some point, but never did get around to it. That’s probably a good thing, just from the amount of supplies it involves, and I’ve spent plenty of money on other craft supplies as it is. Anyway, if you’re in or near the San Jose area, please stop by. :)