Embroidery T Shirt Tut

Hi everyone and welcome to this video so for today’s project you get a t-shirt an embroidery hoop embroidery thread and a needle a pair of scissors and a pencil to start off you’re going to place your fabric between the two parts of the embroidery hoop your design is going to be right in the center now sketch out your design on the t-shirt very lightly with a pencil I’m using two strands of black silk thread the fewer strands you have the finer the lines of your design will be thread the needle and put it through the back of the t-shirt leave a little extra length of thread on the back this is for tying it off later to finish off pull your needle through to the back stitch through some of the older stitches a couple of times to secure it properly finally you tie a knot and cut off the excess and now all you need us to remove the hoop I ironed mine before use to get rid of the circle around the design and that was it for this tutorial if you want a more in-depth tutorial on how to embroider or sew go to the description box down below and otherwise I’ll see you in the next video