Gift Wrapping: How to Make a Classic Bow

Today I’m finishing off a gift box with a classic bow, made with wired ribbon This bow works with all types of ribbon, though, so grab some and let’s get started! Roll out your ribbon and place your box on top

Don’t know how to wrap the perfect gift? Then be sure to watch our tutorial! To find the right amount of ribbon for your bow, pull the loose end of the ribbon around to the top of your box and make a large loop Make sure you pull enough so that you have a tail that extends from the center of the box past this corner It’s better to have more ribbon here rather than less, just in case OK, once you have that figured out, pull both ends of the ribbon up so they match in length and cut the ribbon from the spool Remember that you’re cutting through wire, so make sure you’re using scissors that can get knicked up

Now to get that perfect classic bow, you’re going to first cross the right side of the ribbon OVER the left, going under and up like this You’ll want to pull that snug from top to bottom, and then make a loop with this lower piece of the ribbon Make sure you loop it so that the tail points downward OK, with the top piece of ribbon, go clockwise around your loop, now, if you’re using a ribbon with a right and wrong side, you’ll want to twist it like this before pushing it through, that way the right side will be showing in the end Pull the bow tight and you’re just about done! Now you can manipulate the bow to get it looking full and even

All that’s left to do is finish off the tails with clean diagonal cuts or fancy dovetails All finished! See how the both the tails hang down so nicely and the whole bow is straight? Follow the steps I showed you and you’ll get that look every time! Watch our other bow making tutorials, and I’ll catch you here next time!