Hand Embroidery: Cross Stitch for Beginners – How to do Cross Stitch Part II

Welcome to Raj Creations, In this video , I am going to show you how to do cross stitch with multicolor two or more than 2 color threads it is up to you how you use different colors in cross stitch this video is just to give you overview how to change the color while doing embroidery as per my previous video you have seen how to do cross stitch in this pattern, i have made 3 crosses and now in the second row I am making 5 crosses with pink color, this is 3,5,7,9, 7, 5,3,1 pattern first with the pink color we will do 3,5,5 stitches then we will change the color to sky blue now I am doing 3rd row of 5 cross stitches from the 3rd row we will change the color from both sides first we will add blue color from each side in the next row we will add 3 cross(blue color from both side) so that complete row will have 9 cross stitches this is a third row making with pink color from this row on wards I will change the color to blue first we will change from one side than proceed towards the other side now I am making the forth row with three cross stitches the third row is of 5 cross stitches attach one cross to it from both sides so that the total number of cross will become 7 in this row we will add only one cross stitch with blue color now coming to the next row in this row stitch 3 cross, 3 will be of blue color than 3 cross of pink color and again 3 of blue color so that the total number of cross will become 9 in this way you can differentiate with colors so that pattern will look different this is a simple pattern, as shown in my earlier video but looks different when we use multiple colors on this row we will made 7 crosses with blue color at this point remain the distance between the cross because the blank space ( in the lower row) has to be filled with cross stitches first we will do this part and than again moves towards the lower side to fill the pattern in this row we will make 5 crosses this row comprise of 3 crosses in this row as you can see there are 3 pink and 3 blue cross stitches again we have to stitch 3 cross so that the total number of cross will become 9 the last cross third one on the underneath row we will stitch one more cross to complete the pattern as it comprise of 7 crosses and lastly i forget to stitch the last one on the top thus the pattern has been completed, I hope the beginners will find this video helpful, thanks for watching my video, please do like, share and subscribe my video