Hand Embroidery: Cross stitch for Beginners | How to do Cross Stitch

Welcome to Raj Creations in this video I am going to show you the basic cross stitch this video is for beginners now a days Cross Stitch in kurtis and other patterns are in fashion we usually we do cross stitch on matt or matty fabric but in this video I am going to show you how to do this on your regular plain fabric let’s get started I am using four strands of thread for this tutorial depending upon the size you want of cross stitch you have to move the thread this is 1/2 of cross stitch but when you prick the needle on cloth you have to place it straight this will help you making equal size cross now doing the second step of cross step when you are doing it in a straight line this method is very helpful it brings equal size of crosses now I’m showing you diamond pattern this is comprised of one three five five three one stitches these are the number of crosses first we will make complete one cross single cross and then see the thread movement how thread is to move now making the second row of 3 crossses by following this method wastage of thread is minimum and you get the equal shape crosses now proceeding towards the third row which comprised of 5 crosses have to move the thread diaognaly but the needle has to be pricked straight initially you can practice with with cotton thread and once you are experienced enough you you can proceed with silk thread also it looks very beautiful and it is done with silk thread now 5th cross row has been completed this was the third row and on the fourth one is the same comprised of same 5 crosses so I am fast-forwarding my video that you are able to see now again we will do three cross and then the one this will give a diamond shape to this you can easily do it in your leisure time to the decorate your dupatta and kurtis etc this is very easy and creative stitch pattern you have to concentrate only about the length and width of crosses this gives the same finish as we do on matt or matty fabric it has been completed in my next video you will see multicolored cross stitch pattern so keep watching thanks for watching my video bye for now