How to Crochet knit Corner to Corner C2C Hat with Square

okay so now what I’m going to do right here is ease these in together so then that this one fits in here and then they start overlapping and fitting in together now what I had to do was add a long piece of yarn because this will take some extra yarn so I’m going to go on ahead and show you what I’m doing here so I’m just going to start easing this together so sewing it and easing it I’m working on the inside and then pulling it down like that in the corner so now what I want to be doing then is that now this will fit in here like this so I’m just going to be sewing the two sides together like this and this is going to take a bit of time and this is what we have ended up with and so then I have these two done like that and so now what I need to do is sew these together and so they’re not just fit together they’ll be sewn together just like that and using these tails like we did down here so I have one more set of these to put together and then the Hat will be complete once I get all the tails Sounion and this completes the Hat please remember to rate this video leave a comment in the comment section below share this video with your friends subscribe if you are new thank you for watching and I will see you the next time peace love and avocados.