How to Knit a Bubble Stitch Beanie Hat

How to knit the Bubble Beanie Hat Hi guys I’m Kristen, my recent bubble stitch pattern was a big hit with all of you so I thought it would be great if I designed a hat that we can all knit up together this winter this hat pattern is perfect if you are in love with the bubble stitch pattern and are comfortable knitting on circular needles now if you are up for a challenge I have all the knitting techniques that you need to know linked in the description below so it is entirely possible for people fairly new to knitting to give this a try this is also a great stash buster every single little bubble section it’s six rows I measured about 10 yards per color and so I am knitting this up in some stash yarn here for the pattern everything you need to know is available on my website linked in the description below and to receive a free printable pdf pattern all you have to do is join my mailing list to download that I also have a link for you to pin this pattern to save for later on your Pinterest board and for even more knit stitch patterns I have a playlist that you can check out here on youtube I also have a new knit stitch pattern book that is printable it is available to purchase on Etsy oh and YouTube has just granted me the community tab this is a great way for us to communicate together on YouTube and my current poll is showing me that you are excited to see a knitted hat pattern so great to know that as well as the fact that you are interested in holiday gift guides so I am working on those make sure you are subscribed to studio knit so that you catch those as soon as they come out and for your knitting materials you’re going to use a circular needle it is size 8 and it’s 16 inches in length you also want four double pointed needles dpns and those are also size 8 as well as a tapestry needle and of course yarn I’m using three different colors in this example you can use one color two colors as many as you’d like so let’s get started we are going to be casting on a specific number because this is a stretchy hat and it fits most adult sized heads so using the circular needle we are casting on 64 stitches I’m just doing the simple longtail cast on method here and go all the way around once you have cast on 64 stitches make sure that your stitches are not twisted now if knitting in the round on circular needles is new to you, I have the technique link down below a really great tutorial on how to knit on circular needles so let’s knit it up we start from the bottom here and the bottom is a 2 x 2 rib stitch pattern really simple so it’s just knitting two stitches this is our very first row for our hat brim and then you purl two stitches and you just go all the way around your hat for six rows and then this is how our 2×2 rib stitch pattern looks after knitting up all six rows and now we’re doing an increase section it’s just six rows if you would like to change on colors this is a great time to do it you do not need to change your colors but it does look really great so rows 1 3 & 5 are simply knitting all the way around but we’re going to increase on rows 2 4 & 6 so the increase stitch is kfb that means knit front and back so let me show you here you knit right into it and then you bring it around and you knit one more time into the back of that stitch for the increase and again you’re doing that on rows 2 4 & 6 so that we have 3 additional stitches when we’re done right here and it will just look like a really pretty stockinette when you’ve done all six rows now for the bubble stitch portion of our hat again this is a great time to switch yarn if you’d like and on Row 1 we’re going to be knitting three so just with my new yarn color here I’m going to knit three stitches and then it is a repeat of k4b that’s knit four below and I have a full tutorial on knitting four below if you haven’t done this before it gets like a little freaky because we are intentionally dropping four stitches and it it’s actually pretty satisfying to get control of these stitches after dropping so many and then having it create such a pretty bubble pattern so let me just show you here you take that stitch and you go around and you knit into it I have a full tutorial on how to do the knit four below if this is something that’s new to you I’ll definitely want to check that out and get acquainted with it so that you’re really comfortable because you’re doing it a lot for this hat pattern and then you’re just going to again and it three and then knit four below all the way around and this is how it looks the bubbles shape up after just doing one little row and I’m using a stitch counter a little digital device that I have right here to kind of help me keep track of my rows and this is how it’s looking after six rows now we’re going to do row seven this is a great time to switch yarn color again and we just do one knit stitch and then we go straight in to the k4b the knit four below so let’s take a look again at this fun and freaky little stitch that k4b where we’re intentionally dropping four stitches and then we pick it up right here we bring our nail to the back and then we take our yarn and we bring it around knit it on through that stitch and we carry on and this is how our hat is looking after completing all 12 rows of the bubble stitch and of course you just keep repeating these 12 rows keep knitting your bubble stitch pattern until your hat measures about 7 inches if you would like a regular size beanie 9 inches if you’d like a slouchy beanie another way to determine the perfect length for you is to get one of your favorite hats and sort of match it up and see you just need a little bit here for the crown right on top and so you can just keep knitting until it gets right to the point where your favorite hat is and our decreases for the crown of our hat switch to DPNs when the decreases are making it too tough to and it on your circular needle and you’ll just follow along the pattern it is knitting two together is the decrease and the pattern will tell you exactly how many stitches to do the regular knit stitch and the knit two together and you’ll see you keep going around and around the top of your hat until it gets to having just five stitches and then you’ll take your tapestry needle with your yarn tail and you’ll just weave it through and then I like to just cinch up those last few stitches a couple more times and take the needle down into the inside portion of your hat and you can go ahead and weave in that yarn tail cut off that yarn and then any other little yarn tails that you have go ahead weave those in cut those off this is what the inside the wrong side of our hat looks like with the bubble stitch it actually looks kind of cool and you’ll just turn it right-side out and guess what guys you are done I hope you are inspired to knit up this bubble beanie pattern please like up this video check out everything you need to know linked in the description below and I’ll see you next time guys bye

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