How to Sew a Beach Bag

It’s easy to take your summer necessities to the beach in this cute beach bag Using cotton canvas makes it durable and fun fabric makes it fashionable

Let’s go ahead and get started You’ll need 1 yard of 58” width cotton canvas, all-purpose thread, four1” curtain grommets, and 2 1/2 yards of 3/8” inch width cotton rope For tools, you’ll need your sewing machine, sewing gauge, scissors, straight pins, iron, and fabric marker From your fabric, cut two rectangles that are 23 ½” inches by 25” inches If you’re using directional fabric like me, the 25” inch side should be going vertically on the fabric design If you want to add a pocket, cut another rectangle from your fabric or in a contrasting fabric

It can really be any size, but I’ll cut mine 9” inches by 6” inches On the sides and bottom of the pocket, fold ½” inch to the wrong side Pin and press with your iron Fold the top of the pocket ½” inch, then another ½” inch and press Stitch along the folded edge at the top of the pocket at your sewing machine, using a regular straight stitch

Take your pocket, place it in the center of one of your rectangles I’m placing it about 12” inches up from the bottom and then centered from the sides Pin and stitch the pocket sides and bottom along the edge At the bottom corners of each rectangle, measure 4 and 3/4” inch up and 4 and 3/4” inch inward Mark your lines with your fabric marker Cut on this line, creating a squared notch at the bottom of each rectangle

Place the front and back of the bag, right sides together Pin the sides from the top of the bag to the top of the squared notch Also, pin the bottom of the rectangles together, from squared notch to squared notch Stitch these three sides at a ½” inch seam allowance and then press your seams open Pull each squared notch apart, bringing the seams together, giving you an angled edge

Pin this edge and then sew a quarter inch seam allowance At the top of the bag, you’ll want to hem it to create a finished look Fold the top edge three inches, to the wrong side Pin and press Next, fold the bottom raw edge under a quarter inch

Pin and press this Stitch along the folded edge to finish the hem Mark the center of the bag on the front and back at the top From the center, measure five and five eighths inch on each side and mark it The mark should also be one inch from the top of the bag

Use the curtain grommet template to make a circle around your mark This should be included in your grommet package Carefully, cut out the circle Place the grommet without the prongs on the inside of the bag, placing it in the hole Take the other side of the grommet, with the prongs, line it up with the other ring

Press them together to snap them in place Lastly, cut your rope in half for two equal lengths Thread it through one grommet, from the outside of the bag to the inside Tie a double overhand knot in the rope once it’s through the grommet, by creating a loop and then bringing the end of the rope through the loop twice and pull to tighten Repeat with the other end of the rope for the grommet that’s on the same side of the bag

Then make another handle with the remaining rope on the opposite side of the bag And here we have the finished beach bag This is a quick project that won’t take up too much of your summer vacation so you can do a little sewing and then spend the rest of your time, relaxing on a beach We hope you enjoyed this tutorial Please subscribe to get notified of our weekly releases

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