How to Wrap a Present

Hello I’m Jennifer with Jennifer Decorates, and today I have got some easy tips on how to create a beautiful present So when the holiday season begins, I gather all my gift wrapping supplies and I keep them in one spot, from tape, ribbon, greenery, little sprigs, all kinds of things

Now let me tell you though, to be honest I started out totally neat, by the time I’m doing my last few presents this is a modge podge of a mess, but if you start out neat, it helps So, before we get to the really fun part of adding all the embellishments to a present, I wanna give you just a few tips on how to wrap your present correctly Every year I buy my paper from the same place and that is Hobby Lobby because I get it half off and on the inside it has this grid line which really helps me a wrap a present Okay, one of the things that people do wrong if they get too much paper on the ends of the present So you want just enough to cover it

And you fold your paper down and I always add a piece of tape right there Then we fold in like so, and tape that and you are good One of my other tricks is once I turn the paper, the present over I take my fingers and I just crease the edges, and it just gives it a really crisp look Okay, now for the fun part, adding ribbon and embellishments Let me show you one of the ways that I find it really easy to add ribbon to a package and that is because is because I use tulle instead of ribbon

And, it’s cheaper and I find it a lot easier So, let me show you how I do this Now, the tulle I am using for this package it’s pretty wide but it is going to make a beautiful bow So you tuck it under your package and you come up and I kind of guess at where I’m gonna cut it off With tulle because it’s so inexpensive I’m not as picky about it as I am about my other ribbon that I pay a lot more for

So, what we are going to do, is we are gonna make two bows So I am gonna come, so easy like tying your shoes And, I am going to make a bow, like so Don’t worry about fluffing it yet And, I am going to repeat it on the next side

Now, I pulled the ribbon on the other side, and when you come to the top, tuck under the first bow you made on both sides like so Whoops All right and guess what? You are just going to make another bow But do it tight like so that’s what makes a pretty bow

Alright, now that I’ve got that finished, all you have to do is spread out each loop and I do try to keep them even Makes for a prettier, finished bow And then I’ll trim the ends like so, just a little bit on that one, and wala, I’m done! Okay, we have a special guest This is not my Molly, this is Emma she’s cold she needs in my lap So, let’s go on

While I was pursuing the craft aisle for some really different ideas, I found this yarn that ladies use to make scarves and thought that would make a beautiful ribbon if I used white paper How beautiful does that look? You do the same thing we did with the mesh You just make one bow flip it over and make another bow And then be sure to spread the yarn out so you can see the beautiful details Here is another kind of a country Christmas idea These little wreaths come in about a package of 6

What I did was I hot glued a little greenery and some little red berries and it made an adorable package! Here, I’ve got a package for my dad So, I wanted to make it a little more masculine I put it in some plaid paper, and I wanted to show you how to add satin ribbon I love satin ribbon because it’s shiny and beautiful on both sides and very elegant So, what you want to do is get a pretty long piece, flip it over, you are going to start on the top, the pretty part of your package

And then, underneath what we are going to do, continue one piece, you going to wrap it under like so, and then we’re gonna head the other direction So, you flip it back over make sure you’ve got enough to make that bow, and then straighten it out, and make a beautiful bow in the middle And then trim your ends If you don’t want to trim your tail at an angle there’s another fun way and that’s you fold your ribbon in half, and you are still gonna cut it at an angle again Then, when you open it up, beautiful

Now, that I am finished with the bow, I like to add a little bit of greenery and you can just tuck it in You can also hot glue it in, but, if you’re working with little munchkins or you just don’t want to take a chance on burning your fingers this is poster tack You can get just a really small piece and put it on a piece of greenery tuck it right under the bow were you don’t see it Press it down and press your bow down, and it will stay Alright, for the last idea, I used tulle again Except, I did not make a bow

I just tied it in a knot and trimmed it This is going to be really elegant for mom’s, mother-in-law’s Hint, hint If my daughter-in-law is watching this And, I am going to add satin over the top of the tulle, and I am going to come under the tulle like we did before

There we go, kind of pull up on it And then, I am going to cut my tails Alright, here is a fun thing you can add; the little berries I am going to do white and silver And here’s thing you don’t really have to clip these I just pulled down on them and it usually pulls them in a great just a great amount of length I need right there

And, I am gonna tuck that under and pull it up, I’m gonna do silver And, if they get a little long just kind of pinch it up Tuck that under like so I hot glue gunned two silver leaves, now the tulle and the satin ribbon I used are really really soft gray and on this white paper this looks stunning! This will get you major brownie points! Okay, for my last present, I did the same thing, two bows And let me tell you when you do that you pull it across to make one bow, pull it across to make another bow, if your ribbon is too thick, it is gonna look like a big knot in the middle and that will not look good so you want to use thinner ribbon

And, I bought a little box of shatterproof ornaments I think for like a dollar fifty And I hot glued them onto the package ( I can feel my face glittering Is it glittering?) And the other little shimmery things And, a gift tag that is silver, and compliments the ornament Well, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial please subscribe to my channel

And I hope you have a really really happy holiday well that is how I wrap excuse me