How To Wrap An Awkward Shaped Gift

This clever technique is guaranteed to take the stress out of tricky gift-wrapping The idea is to make a simple gift bag out of wrapping paper

First, check the paper completely covers the top and bottom of the gift, then set it aside Fold the wrapping paper to the middle, leaving a little bit of overlap, then tape the sides together all the way up the bag Now, you’re going to make the base Fold up a large section of paper, remembering to check that the base is wide enough for your gift Next, open out the base, folding a triangle on each side so that you end up with a big diamond shape

Fold the top and bottom corners of the diamond into the middle so that the tips reach the centre, and fix in place with tape Fluff out your gift bag and place the gift inside If your gift is delicate, it might be a good idea to cover it in bubble wrap or tissue paper first Finally, fold over the top and fix with tape For our gift, we’ve used Boots Personalised Photo paper just take your photos into selected stores to get it printed

You can decorate the bag with a tag and sparkly bow for the perfect personalised gift