Learn how to knit quickly-Lesson 3: Easy increases knitting Garter stitch – So Woolly

Hello my Woollies! Today we will learn how to raise points of law weaving Point Please make gains on the wrong side of the fabric 1 point to increase, making the bar rotate it and set it on the left needle Tejela right now and also the next point Make increased 1 point If you weave continental style, do the same: take the bar, rotate it and put it on the left needle, weave and twist it right 2 points If you weave continental style this another way, it takes the bar, not you turn and set it on the left needle And weaves 2 points of law This is the reverse face of the fabric But if you see the face of the right The increases are virtually invisible! And that’s it! I hope you like the video, please subscribe and thanks for watching!