Project Life Scrapbooking Organization

project life scrapbooking

When you are first starting out with Project Life, it can be a bit overwhelming to know where to begin, especially if you are like me and take a million pictures of each occasion.  So I thought I would share the steps I go through with Project Life scrapbooking – from initial organization to putting it all together.

project life scrapbooking

Before I do anything else, I make sure my pictures are organized.  The method that works for me is to have a separate folder for each event that is filed under the year folder.  So for example, I have a 2013 folder under My Pictures.  Then under the 2013 folder, I have subfolders for every event where I take photos.  I name each subfolder with the date and a brief description.  So recent back to school pics were filed under a folder named “2013-08-24backtoschool”.  This system enables me to find the pictures I am looking for quickly.

Next, I decide which photos I am going to print for my Project Life scrapbook.  I print pictures monthly so I don’t get overwhelmed.  So I start going through all the picture folders for the month.  For each picture I want to use, I make note of the image number, the orientation of the photo (vertical or horizontal), whether or not it needs cropped, and a brief description.

After you have compiled your list, pull out your Project Life page protectors and any memorabilia you have collected.

I know some people only use one style of page projector in an album, but I tend to mix and match in our family album.  However, for my kids’ school albums, I am going with just two styles of protectors (Style A and Style D) to make things simple.  That enables me to get their albums done more quickly.

project life scrapbooking

Before I ever print a picture, I decide how everything is going to be laid out on the page.  I used to print my pictures first, but I discovered that if I planned first, I saved a lot of money on pictures that I printed but never used.

I use index cards to plan out where picture are going on my layouts.  (You can also use Post-Its.)  I write down the picture info on the card – date, image file number, and description-  so I can easily order my prints at the end.  For the 3×4 slots, I use half of an index card.  I also make index cards for journaling I want to do and pull out any themed 3×4 cards that I want to use.

Working with a two page spread at a time, I lay all my cards out on top of the page protectors until I have everything situated like I want it.  Then at that point, I put each of the cards in their slots.  I repeat this process for the remainder of my pictures.

After I have finished all the layouts, then all I have to do is go back and order the prints.  I go page by page, uploading pictures and choosing print size.  I recently discovered Persnickity Prints and love that you can order 3×4 inch photos. It makes things so much easier not to have to do any editing to get multiple pictures on a standard size print.

While I am waiting for my photos to arrive in the mail, I go ahead and make all the  journaling cards.  That way I still have something to work on while I am waiting for the pictures to get here.  I also make sure to take the time to back up any photos to disk or an external hard drive.

project life scrapbooking

When I get my prints in the mail, it is so easy to get them added to my scrapbook because I already know where everything is going to go.  Then all I have to do is add any embellishments

So that’s the Project Life scrapbooking organization process that works for me.  So tell me..  how do you go about creating a Project Life album?  If you have any tips or tricks, be sure to leave a comment.  Also be sure to check out the rest of our Project Life Scrapbooking posts.  Happy Crafting!