Zero Waste Wrapping

Hi friends, so today is the most important day in your life, or at elast, it should be It’s my 25th Birthday, and since I’m an only child this day is all about me

Christmas was a huge deal Picture this: I live with my mom and my grandma, I was the only child No siblings which mean that all of the presents came to me (all the presents) And of course we had Santa Santa got me everything that I wanted

Almost like he had some insider help Coincidentally, my mom always knew what kind of cookies Santa wanted that year She could say things like “Oh, Santa wants oatmeal-raisin this year” or “Santa really wants a sugar cookie!” Spoilers, my mom was Santa In my house we has two bathrooms with showers There was one right net to my room and then there was my mom’s bathroom, which everyone used

Which left the shower in my bathroom completely vulnerable to monster attacks So when I was in elementary school, every once in a while you’d have to do a monster check Pull make the curtains to make sure nothing was behind there, so that nothing would sneak up on you while you were doing your business I did a monster check a couple days before Christmas, when I was in the 3rd grade, and when I pulled back the curtains, looking for an evil creature things, I was greeted with a mountain of presents My mom had been hiding the Christmas presents in our unused shower

I always had a lot of gifts, I’m really grateful for that, and looking back I know I was really spoiled But throughout the years I have noticed a shift in our gifts It when from quantity, to wanting to spend more time with each other Buy less and spend more time with each other And you know I’m trying to go zero waste

So, this year when the holiday season came around I was thinking of ways to not buy a whole bunch of paper products to wrap my gifts, but instead find materials that already exist in my house Friends, that’s what I’m going to share with you today The first thing you’re going to need is paper shopping bags I got these on the days where I forgot my canvas bags throughout the year Just save them, they’re handy to have around the house

Cut it up, and turn them into sheets Cut off the nasty bits If you’re looking to clean this up, iron this sucker, it’s easy Put a towel on it first, don’t put the hot on it

After that, you know how to wrap a present, you’re fine! So wrap the presents like you always would try to use minimal amounts of tape, if you have twine that will work as well These are some examples of how these packages turned out and I’m in love with the way they look They’re rustic and modern I wrapped these presents in about an hour

It felt awesome not to go out to the store Instead, Reduce, reuse, recycle, use your own paper bags to wrap your little gifts Okay friends, so I really hope that helped give you some ideas If you have any questions about that let me know in the comments What I want to know from you is, what is the most infuriating experience you’ve had this holiday season when it comes to wrapping gifts because I need someone to commiserate with

You can interact with this video however you see fit, that is your life and your choices You can find me on Twitter @HeyCassieVee and I will see you next week